• Bryan Cornitius

Unity is the Only Vessel for Real Change in the State of Texas

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

I pray for God's divine intervention in our efforts to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution.

The United States of America was founded on the principle that the Creator of all things designed human beings to be free and independent.

Here in the state of Texas, we must stand side by side in defiance of this one world government tyranny. Not just for ourselves but for all mankind.

For we now face the unprecedented threat from a one world government that looks to enslave all of humanity.

They sow seeds of division and turn Americans against each other while removing freedom from us all.

What you must realize is that if you protect your brother's freedom, you also protect your own.

Here are my requests:

  • I ask my fellow Texans of European descent to abandon the Communist indoctrination that erases our Christian heritage.

  • I ask Texans of Mexican descent to remember their history. Was it not the people of Mexico who sacrificed their lives in the Cristero War? It is now time once again to stand up, speak out, and push for the preservation of Christianity.

  • I ask Texans of African descent to remember their Christian faith and stand alongside us in our shared churches and communities. Will you allow these Communists to steal your history as well?

  • I ask Texans of Asian descent to stand against this Communist threat with us. As you can clearly see, if we don't stand united and push back, they will come for you as well. We are all Americans, and this is our shared destiny.

  • Finally, I ask the people of the Comanche Nation to take a leadership role in this endeavor. I say to the people of the Comanche Nation, I know the wounds and the scars run deep, however, it is my hope that there can be a great healing for the people of the Comanche Nation and, indeed, a great healing for all people in the state of Texas.

If we work together, we can lobby for real change in the great state of Texas.

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