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Victory: I Believe Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned in June 2022! #babieslivesmatter

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

Roe v. Wade is OBSOLETE. It has nothing to do with religion, it's now proven simple science. I believe it will be overturned in June 2022 and here's why. Enjoy!



Audio Only - Episode 181: Joe Biden’s “Winter of Death” Has Nothing To Do With Covid-19


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Generated Transcript:

I pray, I pray good leaders, strong leaders, strong people take over because this mass psychosis, psychosis that's going on around the world, because cowards want to save their own ass, because that's what's happening. These leaders that went for the vaccines that went for all of these things, these leaders that say they're helping, you know, they're scared, they're terrified, and they're doing what they think is best for scared people. But you and I know, we're brave people, we're strong people, we're fighters, we fight back. And if we're going to fight, we're not going to be scared anymore. We're not going to be pushed anymore and scared people. All right, do crazy things. These folks are backed into a corner, and we're not afraid. We're not afraid. So sparks are flying. And I hope we have strong leaders who have the common sense to do the right thing to do the right thing because Roe v. Wade, is going to be a thing of the past and I'm going to explain why. I'm going to explain why it's going to change why this winter of death is going to occur. All right. The facts have changed. Roe v. Wade is obsolete. This is an article from Newsweek folks from Newsweek. All right. Let me explain. During the oral arguments for the Dobbs V. Jackson women's health this is the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade, the one that was just put in the Supreme Court where the decision will come to pass June 22. June 2022. Dobbs vers Jackson women's health, the US Supreme Court justices discussed the starry decisis factors they should consider when re examining the courts precedents, just in case you don't know starry decisis in court is a basically a thing that says that courts usually go by precedent set by priests, previous courts, if a ruling has been made that was a strong ruling and a certain decision, the ruling usually stays Alright, doesn't change very easily in my belief, and how it's been explained to me that is the best way to interpret starry decisis. All right, if I'm wrong, please let me know in the comments below. Correct me I'll make the change. So the conclusion they reach could decide the fate of Roe v. Wade, in Planned Parenthood V. Casey, the 1992 case that upheld roe. The court analyzed several cases in which it decided not to follow its own precedences Alright, it primarily focused on Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 ruling that overturned a 58 year old precedent in Plessy v. Ferguson in Plessy. The court allowed states to establish racially segregated facilities as long as they were separate but equal in brown. The Court cited research that proves school segregation Mark minority students with a badge of inferiority. The case the court noted that the Plessy courts explanation for its decision was so clearly at odds, the facts apparent to the court in 1954 of the decision to reexamine Plessy on this ground alone was not only justified, but it was required by the way this leads into why segregating us over critical race theory will never ever, ever stand. That's why they say it's not being taught in schools, because if they officially said it was being taught in schools, the Supreme Court would literally overturn it and five seconds. Listen. All right, could a row be similarly examined if new facts come to light, the case the Court affirmed that change circumstances impose new obligations, and the thoughtful part of the nation could accept each decision to overrule a prior case as a response to the Court's constitutional duty. However, it did not overrule Roe. The justices found that no change in roe is factual underpinning has left its central holding obsolete and none supports an argument for overruling it. Alright, that growing grows even shakier with every passing year, as I outlined in my recent articles for the Tennessee law review is Scott plugging himself here it might as well give it it says the facts facing the Dobbs court today are so different that roe has been robbed, alright of its original justifications. And this is true, this is where it changes. Justice Amy Coney Barrett drew attention to one of those developments during an oral argument. She used the Post Road development of safe haven laws to assess whether roe can be overturned when it established a constitutional right to abortion. Roe emphasized that the burdens of parenting and identified abortion as a way to free women from the distress associated with an unwanted child the additional difficulties and continuing stigma of unwed motherhood. Okay. That was something roe emphasized. Barrett rightly pointed out that these concerns have been eliminated by safe haven laws. She asked why women need abortion access to free themselves from the burdens row described when every state now has safe haven laws enabling women to relinquish the custody of new borns to police stations, fire stations and other state agencies with no questions asked very true. That's a very good point. Because why would you kill a baby when you could just give the baby up for abortion? All right. Justice Samuel Alito then raised a second important development when he asked Mississippi Solicitor General Scott Stewart if there are now secular philosophers and bioethicists, who take the position that the rights of parenthood begin at conception. This question was likely a reference to the roe courts use of states reluctance to accord legal rights to the unborn to hold that states did not have a compelling interest to protect prenatal life at fertilization. All right. This said basically once upon a time during Roe versus Wade when this happened, all right. It was a reluctance to accord legal rights to the unborn. There was no way to hold that a state did not have any compelling interest to protect that life at fertilization. But today, all right, the Dobbs court can explain that the law now recognizes all humans as persons at fertilization. There you go. Oh, that 12 week 14 week heartbeat thing by by Martha by fertilization is when life begins. All right. It says the Post Road development of fetal homicide laws shows that many states recognize the killing of a fetus as homicide or murder. 29 states All right, that's more than half now have laws that protect the preborn at fertilization. Our nation has progressed in its legal recognition and protection of the preborn. Alright, they've progressed to the protection of the preborn humans since Roe first declared that the law has been reluctant to endorse any theory that life as we recognize it begins before live birth. And then finally, Justice Sonia Sotomayor claimed the issue of when life begins has been hotly debated by philosophers since the beginning of time. This was a reference to the real court's determination that it could not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. She literally threw it out the window the beginning of time. What a dumb bitch, but it's okay. It's okay. It gets fixed. It says in a recent survey 80% of the 4177 Excuse me. 4107 American respondents selected biologists as the group most qualified to determine when life begins, more than 5500 biologists from 86 countries were surveyed surveyed on the same question, and 68% agreed. They are most qualified. Even though 85% of the sample identified as pro choice. 96% affirmed that a human life begins at fertilization. an amicus brief signed by biologists from 15 countries further establishes the scientific consensus on the fertilization view, and no brief in support of Roe contested it. That is big news folks, that means that we are heading towards having Roe v Wade, finished finito thrown out burned down. And the issue goes back where it should go to the States, to the states, where it should be based upon what voters want, and what voters need and what the federal law states versus what the states say the state should actually have power to push back and not be strangled by the federal government. That's what Roe v. Wade did. She strangled the rights of women across this country not helped them strangled it because there are plenty of women, millions and millions of women that don't believe in this that don't want this, but it's been sold by Democrats and Democrat policies in inner cities as the number one form of birth control, folks, do you see what's happening here, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to save their racist institution of literally a production line of invisible slavery to hold down poor people as their base to hold down black communities in inner cities hold down poor white people across the country, poor people everywhere to literally control their population and turn them into the battery that charges the Democrat party. That's literally what this bill, what Roe v. Wade did. All right. It literally gave the Democrats one of their most powerful tools to control poor, ignorant people. All right, and I'm not talking about black people. I'm talking about poor people that are ignorant. I come from a poor ignorant family. All right, so trust me, we need to take it the right way the way it's supposed to be taken. It says these recent development developments mean that women no longer need abortion access to be free from unwanted child rearing and starting at fertilization, the preborn biologically recognized as humans and legally protected as homicide victims. The Dobbs court should use these developments to help, quote the thoughtful part of the nation understand that roe must be overturned, must be overturned folks, plain and simple. All right. Most Americans are open to this. A majority already oppose abortion in most circumstances and throughout most pregnancies. All right, regardless of whether Roe was correctly decided and happily justified based on the facts available to the court in 1973. In 2021, the facts have changed. And don't let any of these democrats tell you anything different because they're all liars. All the Democrat leaders are liars. All of them can't take the heat. They don't tell the truth. And they can't stand it under pressure. Because they're liars. Black community. All right. They've lied to you white community, they've lied to you Jewish community, they've especially lied to you. They've lied to everybody and all of it to keep power. So Joe, you're right. There is a winter of death coming. And that winter of death is caused by Democrats. Alright, it's caused by Joe Biden. It's caused by Democrat mayors like Lori Lightfoot, and Democrat governors across this country, because they have just declared war on on born babies. So winter of death is coming in this country, folks. But it's not COVID-19. It's a winter of death for on born babies. Are you going to take that? Are you going to allow that to happen? Are you just going to keep your mouth shut and let them kill even more children even more of God's children? We can't. So open your frickin mouth and say something about it. Do something about it. It's time we stand up and speak out for what we believe in. Plain and simple. Alright, because the Democrats they don't believe in anything. They don't believe in anything at all.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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