• James Lane

What Happens to the People Trapped in Violent Democrat-run Cities?

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

An Eye for an Eye

On August 29th, known extremist Michael Forest Reinoehl, from the cover of a Portland parking garage, prepped his weapon for combat. Shortly after, he stalkingly turned a corner, pointed his firearm at Patriot Prayer member Aaron "Jay" Danielson, and murdered him in cold blood. That night, a patriot's blood painted the sidewalks of an American city and unlike the graffiti stains the Left leaves in its wake, our mark was paid for with human life, a life that "matters."

Days later, in Lacey, Washington, just a few hours north of Portland, Oregon, the extremest was caught by surprise as Federal agents attempted to serve a warrant. Instinctually Reinoehl brandished his firearm, threatened federal officers, then attempted to flee. Moments later, Reinoehl's delusion of grandeur came true as the Feds had no choice but to put a sick animal down. His insanity is well documented by his younger sister.

The Quickening of Pace

Having amassed great power and influence, big tech companies have waged an attack upon our constitutionally protected freedoms as they censor our speech, control the flow of information, and manipulate entire populations through their advertising algorithms. The previous used to be considered a conspiracy, but over time, the truth has slowly bubbled its way to the surface. Now more than ever, Americans are beginning to recognize the feeling of cold digital shackles and leashed chokers being tightened around them ever so slowly.

Americans can now see and feel the censorship, misdirection, and control first hand.

LISTEN: Shackle the Censors and Take on Big Tech!

A Mass Exodus

Combine the ongoing mayhem, death, and destruction with things like big tech censorship, local autocratic leaders defunding the police, and universal mail-in voting fraud, you have a recipe for disaster.

So as cities like New York, Portland, Los Angeles, and Chicago see skyrocketing crime and are practically burnt to the ground by leftist extremists, people with the means to withdraw to a more secure location do precisely just that, they leave. This leads to less tax income for state governments, which then leads to even further essential cuts being made.

These cuts, combined with growing civil unrest and violence, put innocent residents who cannot afford to leave in a terrible and ruthless vice grip. Now, caught between a rock and a hard place, everyday hardworking low-income Americans are being squeezed to death by the Democrat party.

Stuck in the Middle with You

We have been witness to months of constant riots and mayhem from lockdowns that decimated local economies to false information spreading like wildfire via social media. 2020 has not been an easy year for most hardworking Americans. With that being said, many good people have no choice but to stay put, afraid in their homes with no local help coming.

We are prisoners wearing invisible chains being forced to watch crazed mobs burn down our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. When we speak up, we are silenced, when we fight back, we are accosted, and when we are silent, we are apparently being "violent." A neverending loop of leftist hatred.

With pressure building on all sides, everyday Americans are being forced into situations they never imagined possible.

Communities of all colors and creeds are watching their businesses remain shuttered and/or closed by local governments. Small business owners are losing their savings, their homes, and everyday men and women are experiencing mental health emergencies daily. As violence and unrest flood the streets of American cities, citizens brace for a reality they never imagined possible. A reality the left so desperately yearns for—a reality of government dependence.

But what does government dependence lead to, and why is it considered a solution to anything?

The Truth

The truth is… government dependence isn't a solution to anything. In fact, it's a ball and chain, a form of invisible slavery, praying upon the coercion and manipulation of low income to middle-income families. The Left wants to chain you to themselves like pendants and trinkets. The Left toys with the common people as they are squeezed to death by the vice they've been forced in. So, the Left opens the spigot further, and increases the pressure on us, makes it harder to live and harder to breathe for everyone.


The hope that we will comply, of course.

The Left is trying to bully us into compliance and surrender as they hypocritically get their hair done and remain protected by armed hired security. Demanding apologies from us, the little people, as they retire to their executive suites and million-dollar homes. If we bend the knee and vote them in, the violence will supposedly stop, but what of our rights and freedoms, what of our children's futures?

So what happens to the people stuck in these Democrat-run cities?

Do you want the truth?

The truth is that we FIGHT BACK on November 3rd, 2020, and Re-Elected President Donald J. Trump.

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This moment will be defined as the moment in modern American History when the everyday men and women of the United States woke up from their slumber only to find that socialism and radical left-wing ideology had declared a cultural holy war against the American people. Defund the police and destroy capitalism? It's time we spoke up and discussed what is happening, among other things. The American Reveille will be a symbol of the times.

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