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Voice OR Choice: Is The Medical Community Trying To Silence Us One At A Time?

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

America.....land of the "free," home of the brave. That has been our rallying cry for hundreds of years, but in recent days, we see a different picture on the horizon. If you haven't become an unfortunate victim of the mainstream news vice, you may have begun to hear stories about families who are being denied their basic rights to quality medical care while they watch loved ones suffer and die at the hands of hospitals across the globe. While some poor sods are still blaming these "hospital errors" on overtaxed staff, stressors galore, and lack of adequate supplies, we discriminating viewers are beginning to see the cracks in the foundation of lies that "they" are trying too hard to support. Let's take a sneak peek into the life of one Minnesota couple who has been fighting this institution of deceit for several months, and they seem to be winning. Keep your fingers crossed and read on.

Covid Crisis: Like so many other stories

Life was as good as could be expected for Minnesota residents Anne and Scott Quiner. They led a quiet life in a suburb of Minneapolis and were, for the most part, compliant with social distancing and masking requirements for work and social activities.

And then Covid turned their lives upside down.

At first, Scott's symptoms were mild, then things suddenly took a turn for the worse. He was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, where doctors assured Anne that all protocols would be followed as they valiantly fought to bring Scott back to health. Unfortunately, Scott's condition continued to deteriorate, and he was placed on a respirator shortly before Thanksgiving in 2021, an action now known as an "acceptable standard of care" for a Covid patient.

The holidays were a blur for Anne and her family; her time was torn between extended family and relatives who wanted to visit and her husband, who was fighting for his life just a short distance away from their home. Anne would attempt to speak to doctors regularly, and she was told that "they were doing all that they could." Anne was frustrated to no end at this canned response, and due to hospital restrictions, she was not allowed to see him for more than a few hours each day, if that. The hospital began tightening visitor restrictions in response to an uptick in positive cases, and soon she was lucky to see him on a video call coordinated by one of the nursing staff.

With daily reports coming in, each one progressively more dire than the last, Anne used her time to dig into alternative treatments for Covid. As she pored through information and verified sources, she discovered that there were far more progressive protocols being followed at the request of families, and doctors in other parts of the country were finding great successes with these non-traditional methods of treatment.

Excited to share her findings with her husband's care team, Anne contacted the doctors in charge of Covid patient care. Imagine her surprise and shock when she was told by staff that "this type of treatment could not be implemented."

Hell hath no fury........

For weeks, Anne battled with nurses, doctors, even hospital administrators, pleading with them to try something new for her husband. She was not ready to give up the fight, and as Scott had signed over his power of medical attorney to her, she was not about to let him go. With each request, each confrontation, the medical staff grew increasingly more cold and non-compliant, with doctors actually beginning to call her and issue "threats" if she did not rescind some of her requests. One doctor in particular left a scathing message on her voicemail as Anne was in the midst of procuring legal advice on her husband's behalf. "I hope your husband dies a vegetable," the doctor hissed, adding...."if he would have been vaccinated, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

The final straw for Anne came when Mercy Hospital administration informed her that her husband would be taken off his respirator on January 13, leaving him to die a painful and excruciating death where his damaged lungs would inevitably fail on him. She, along with the help of her attorney Marjorie Holsten, filed a temporary restraining order that would prevent the hospital from taking Scott off his ventilator. This would hopefully buy the Quiner family more time to seek an alternative location where he could receive care.

The lowest blow

In what can only be described as an inhuman act of cruelty, Mercy Hospital administration countered with its own legal statement objecting to the temporary restraining order, citing that Quiner's request was not "supported by medical science." The hospital requested that the court issue an order authorizing doctors to take Scott off the ventilator.

Mercy Hospital had attempted to strike Anne Quiner down when she was at her lowest, but she was not done with them yet.

Last minute intervention

A serendipitous miracle decision by the judge granted Quiner's request, giving orders to the hospital to stop termination of life measures, and on January 15, Scott was transferred from Mercy Hospital and taken to an undisclosed medical facility in Texas. Texas doctors assigned to Quiner's case were reportedly "horrified" by Scott's condition when he arrived.

Mercy's abject failure and neglect....exposed for all to see

Apparently, "end of life" measures aren't all about comfort and dignity. Doctors at Mercy Hospital had written Scott Quiner off, and they hadn't fed him or administered fluids for days before his transfer. He was at least thirty pounds underweight, severely dehydrated, and he had sores on his face near his intubation site that were clearly infected. In addition to these issues, the levels of sedating drugs in his blood were significantly higher than would have been needed in a case of standard intubation, leading medical officials to believe that had Scott started making a recovery, someone may have been trying to silence him. Holsten told Texas medical officials that Mercy Hospital had been following a "rigid late-treatment Covid protocol that has very likely killed hundreds, if not thousands, of people."

Texas brings the goods

Doctors and nurses went to work on Scott, administering the requested care that Anne had outlined in her measures of care request. They immediately reduced his sedation orders and began a rigorous nutrition and hydration protocol, and within days, he was fluttering his eyelids and responding to questions, things he hadn't done for weeks. Anne and the rest of the Quiner family are overjoyed at his progress, and they are immensely glad that this story is coming to light and forcing hospitals under the harsh light of exposure regarding what may really be happening behind the scenes.

Our death, our grief......THEIR financial gain?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, rumors of neglectful treatment and "death protocols" have circulated among patients and families that have spent time in treatment. Dr. Robert Malone, a well-respected virologist and immunologist who contributed to mRNA vaccine technology, blew the whistle in a December 2021 interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, revealing that the rumors of financial incentive linked to Covid death aren't rumors.

"The numbers are quite large. There's something like a $3000 death benefit paid to a hospital if it can be claimed to be COVID-related. There's also a financial incentive for every claim of a positive COVID case. Another stunner is this statistic.....I think the total is something like $30,000 in incentives if somebody gets put on a ventilator with an additional bonus if that experience ends in death."

Somebody please find out if this guy is still alive and talking. I have more questions for him.

Stew Peters helps the cause

Stew Peters, a well-known podcaster, was the one that initially broke Quiner's story, garnering a tremendous amount of audience support that finally pressured Mercy Hospital to release Scott. Peters' audience flooded Mercy's call center with 300,000 calls after his show, prompting them to reluctantly let him go. It was only after the hospital's law firm was made aware that the "world was watching this case" that things started to move in Scott's favor.

It's a bounty on people's lives......do you SEE this? If even a quarter of Dr. Malone's statement on the Joe Rogan show is accurate, we have a major breach of trust to deal with between all of humanity and the medical community, those who we entrust our lives to in a time of crisis? Since when did it all come down to DOLLARS?!?

Sadly, Scott Quiner died Saturday morning. If it hadn't come down to dollars and had Mercy administered the proper care, Scott might still be alive right now. If only it had been profitable to transfer him to Texas a few weeks earlier, maybe his life would have been saved.

Can you tell I'm a little fired up?

Friends, know this.......I will continue to dig, I will continue to uncover, I will continue to disclose until enough of us wake up and refuse to follow down a pathed pathway to ill health, deterioration, and death. The responsibility is not mine alone, however. You must also talk, listen, share stories, and connect with one another again as a means of sharing information that might help us all slog through this a little faster. Anne and Scott Quinter are not the only couple, the only family, going through this right now. There are hundreds....perhaps thousands.....of people being misdiagnosed, mistreated, and misrepresented because they are being "silenced" in the name of the almighty dollar.

And I, for one, am not going to stay silent any longer. Start talking to each other, friends. I beg you. Share these stories, for they may open the minds and hearts of those around you who are still sleeping.

It's time to wake up.

Till next time, friends.


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