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We Had Major Problems Voting in Northern Minnesota!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Hello friends, how’s the climate in your area after the recent midterm elections? I want to take a few moments to clue you in on what may be happening in your area due to continued election hijinks and legal manipulations. Here’s what happened to us at the polls.

After our big move to Northern Minnesota last year, my husband and I kicked tires and procrastinated with getting our voter registration in line. We both agreed in the weeks before this midterm fiasco that we’d take our IDs and utility bill to the nearest poll on election day and get everything squared away.

My husband left to vote after lunch on Tuesday, documents in hand, and we expected to represent our beliefs and enact our civic duty in that location. He came home a mere ten minutes later with the news that our local town hall polling location—-a mere three blocks away from our house—-was NOT where we were to be voting. What?

He was then told that our address (and several others in our area, for that matter) were absentee voter status locations. No matter how much we protested at physical poll locations, we would be turned away because we were coded as “mail-in voters?!”

The poor, uninformed, “un-awake” gentleman then informed my husband that he had to drive thirty minutes to the nearest large city courthouse, where he could fill out a labyrinth of paperwork to register as an absentee voter. After that process was completed, he could fill in his official ballot and then drive to the post office to mail it in………not drop it off at the courthouse polling location………….actually physically mail it in……like with a stamp. He would have to physically drive it to the post office and mail it back to the courthouse, and somehow it would have to arrive on election day (the same day).

Hmmmmmmmm…..something’s not stirring the Kool-Aid here.

We happen to live in a largely Conservative area that’s part of a very large county with very vocal Democratic representation. Hearing that our local polling locations would not take ballots from our local area is completely unacceptable. Who is guaranteeing the integrity of this outcome? Who is charged with adding absentee ballot representation to the pool of qualified votes? Who guarantees that each of these absentee votes is valid and should be included in election results? Why weren’t we and others in our situation notified?

The danger of “all mail-in” elections

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 23 of our 50 states offer “mandatory mail-in” election processes. What does this mean, you ask? Official ballots are sent out to registered addresses via mail, with a designated “voting period” set aside for people to vote and mail them in. This table and website should shed some light on the specific states, their statutes and laws around mail-in voting, and what years they chose to take advantage of this option.

The danger of all mail elections is that so much fraud is possible with the failure to vet and verify voter identity. With absentee ballots, nearly anyone can use a registered address, fake forms of identification, and even false identity to sway a vote in a particular jurisdiction. One has to only look at the tremendous amount of ballot data (mail-in, mind you) that came in during the wee hours of the morning during our last election in 2020. It was miraculous that as we went to bed that evening, we had a pretty clear picture of where things were going in this country. Sometime after 3 a.m., in certain geographical areas that we cannot name, a large number of mail-in ballots appeared.


Where had these ballots come from? Where had they been stored? Moreover, why wasn’t the 8 p.m. cutoff observed as pallets of these voter ballots suddenly poured in?

Historical facts about mail-in voting

All speculation aside, mail-in voting comprises the largest percentage of voter fraud in ANY election. Period. The fact that election “officials” are even making this an option directly opposes our God-given and Constitutional right to a fair and honest election process.

If the powers that be make decisions about who, what, where, and when regarding elections don’t have any integrity in the process of reporting, then no number of options, days, weeks, counts, and voting machines are ever going to verify enough data to ensure that the right people are elected at the right time.

Perhaps there should be an integrity marker for all involved in the election process so we can begin to see some true and lasting change in this country. Until we ALL commit to holding our leaders accountable for verifying and honestly reporting our voting process, we don’t stand a chance of altering policies and effecting true and lasting change.

How will today affect our country?

With the future of our glorious country balancing on the precarious ballpoint pen marks of our ballots, how will our actions and apathy affect who we are going forward? When will you realize that your actions have significant weight to change our current trajectory? How will you choose to make this a better country for you and your loved ones?

Swimming through muddy waters……..again

My husband and I have eggs on our faces at this turn of events in our lives, but we take this information to heart as we seek change at our local and state levels. Tomorrow morning, I intend to stop at our local courthouse to ask some difficult questions and offer to drop my ballot in person. After I register to be an “absentee voter,” of course…

And I’ll be sure to bring all forms of voter ID required.

More this week, my friends.

I’m sure we’ll have lots to think about and reflect on.


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