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We the People Choose the Cops. Not the Criminals, Nor the Prison System…

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By MG, Blogger, Constitutional Party of the United States

America has come so far from the much-loved sheriff hero like Andy Griffin to transforming cops into American badasses like Robocop. Then decades of Bad boys with COPS filmed on location from the early 90s survived all the way to 2019's Police POV Live stream. Many Americans loved and adored our police shows and would watch them weekly. Families sat in front of the TV, waiting to watch our local community heroes' rope in the bad guys and make America safe one capture at a time. Now we are at the point that we are begging our people to back the blue because of the few. This does not make sense! The American people love our law enforcement and want them in our communities.

Back the blue! We all hear it, and we all say it. I have it on my car and touted The Back the Blue flags at our Trump rallies here in Tampa Bay. For many years, my family has donated and supported our law enforcement. My husband, who is a retired Army veteran, has helped law enforcement his whole life. I watch how our policemen and women are treated and how these politicians not only make villains out of them but now want them personally to be liable to sue. As if these law enforcement officers going to jail for doing their jobs is not enough for these bloodthirsty Democrats.

Senators such as Cory Booker make it evident that he has more criminal friends than friends in law enforcement when he calls for personal liability. If Mr. Booker had friends in law enforcement, he would see and understand the devastation of what he is asking for when he states that he wants LEO'S personally liable for their actions. He is asking that their families pay too. This leaves it so that law enforcement's children and spouses should suffer because Cory Booker FEELS they should pay restitution to the criminals. How many criminals pay restitution to their victims, Senator Booker? These criminals put themselves in those situations and are not productive members of society. These law enforcement families own them nothing, nor does the commonwealth.

We, the people, should not be forced to tolerate them any longer or pay for their way of life. Blue families should never have to worry about their homes or lives being stripped away because of a criminal with no respect for the law. What has happened is that restitution has been lost in our society. So lost that the commonwealth of our nation does not even realize the waste spent on these criminals at our own cost. Restitution is so lost in our society that now democrats are using it as a term that entitles criminals. This ignorance on display for everyone to see is not the true form of restitution. This ignorance forces the rest of the commonwealth to feed, house, and take care of these criminals.

A bit of history on restitution… it was here in America before we even set a foot off the English ships. A little-known fact is that the first prison in North America was built by the Spaniards in St Augustine, Florida, in 1570. They built the prison to hold criminals that would pay for their crimes by becoming the crew on Spanish fleets, hence restitution to their country for their crimes. Here in America, over a hundred years ago, criminals were to repay the victims or their families up until the early 1890s. Then in 1891, we established the Federal Prison system through the Three Prison Act, which gave funding for the prison systems. Today, our prison system does not pay restitution to anyone. It only enslaves the commonwealth to criminals by forcing us to maintain them. The prison institutions now are no more than upscale hotels. It houses, feeds, and maintains the health of criminals better than those of our own military service members in our national defense.

Restitution to victims has been replaced with that of a ruler's law regarding criminals in America. Ruler's law enslaves the commonwealth to pay debts for the criminals by force; hence they imprison them and force us to maintain them and their way of life. (Read 5000 YEAR LEAP rulers' law -vs. the people's law).

Today's prison system is an endless system of tax dollars funneled through institutions that weigh down society and rewards those who have broken or, in many cases, abandoned all laws. We as American people should not have to pay for these criminals or their way of life. We already must pay our fellow brothers and sisters to babysit grown adults who are nothing but nuisances in society. They should be forced to serve the public or victims in any way to repay their debts. They should be forced to farm and work for their food, shelter, and way of life, just as everyday productive members of society do; now that is true restitution. Restitution is for victims, not criminals. Criminals that die at the hands of law enforcement ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LISTEN TO AUTHORITY. Now had these individuals been law-abiding citizens, respected law enforcement, and listened as most people do, they would have survived their encounters with law enforcement as tens of thousands of Americans do annually. Law enforcement officers and their families should never pay restitution to criminals or their families. These criminals' lives are not worth more than anyone else's life, and we should not be forced to treat them as if they are either, especially because of the color of their skin. Our law enforcement reactions have nothing to do with skin color but everything to do with respect for authority and listening to authority.

Respect for laws and law enforcement needs to be taught in our homes, schools, and communities across the nation. Respect and restitution should be on display in local communities. Criminals should have to work and repay during their prison sentence. If a criminal robs his community, he should be forced in sentencing to pave asphalt, pour concrete, paint the building to repay his community, and if he is jailed or imprisoned, pay funds until the debt is paid in full. If a kid graffiti's a wall, have them paint fences or scrub walls in the community publicly. Pedophiles should be forced to pay their victims or a victim's fund organization to help victims with therapy and rehabilitation after the abuse has happened. Make them pay restitution for the duration of their lives to these victims or victim funds. The practice of paying restitution as part of the consequences will stop people from committing the same crimes repeatedly. Police officers play a huge role in all this mess as well, and they really need to start standing up for the commonwealth and not the criminals.

Today, our justice system has given more rights and protections to criminals rather than those of the commonwealth. This is another issue law enforcement is facing, and it's challenging to have support from law obeying citizens when we watch pedophiles and criminals run freely through our communities. When we watch our own police protect rioters burning down cities, it makes it hard to side with Law enforcement at that point. We need more Law enforcement involved in the commonwealth relationships in our communities. To this day, the Sherriff in your county is the law of the land. If the FBI or CIA comes to town, they must get the sheriff's permission before doing the first act in that county. We need our sheriffs to stand up with the people against these criminals in local communities and help us push for harsher consequences and restitution laws to repay the victims instead of the people paying for the criminals. We need more Sheriffs and communities united across our nation. We, the people, need to stop shouting back the blue and really unite with the blue. Contact your local sheriffs to talk about real consequences and restitution in your community and how they feel about helping change these laws. Get them involved, get them to back you up on making your community safe through restitution work programs. Hard work teaches a tough lesson, criminals do not need restitution, and we, the people, need to stop taking care of them so well.




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