• Bryan Cornitius

What the Hell is Happening in the Skies Across America?!

Updated: Apr 9

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

Have you ever noticed strange trails of vapor in the sky? Some of these trails even seem to crisscross each other! What the hell could it be? Are these vapor trails coming out of airplane engine exhausts? Are “they” spraying chemicals up in the sky, and if so, what the Hell could it be?! Let’s talk about it!

Chemtrails were first documented in 1998, fifty years after the start of US government-sponsored weather modification experiments. These experiments, also known as "cloud seeding" or solar geoengineering, are attacked as conspiracy theories, made confusing to the public (seemingly on purpose), and kept quiet by the government. I believe that their true goal goes beyond weather manipulation but crosses the line into what’s known as “weather warfare.”

What would happen if a country could manipulate any phase of the battlefield? What would happen if the government could not only control the time and place of attack, but also the weather? This is just one part of what’s known as Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD), the desire for military capabilities to alter ALL phases of the battlefield. Let’s ask a hard question: Could the US government be justifying weather manipulation in the name of national security? What is the government doing with HAARP technologies? What do these chemtrails do and what is in them? Are things like Bohrium, Aluminum, Salt, polymer fibers, Thorium, and/or anything else being sprayed into our atmosphere over cities, towns, and farmland? The bureaucrats may ultimately be playing God under the guise of fighting climate change.

Solar Geoengineering is nothing new, though you may be hearing about it for the first time while you read this. It’s used by countries all around the world yet seems to be extremely questionable. How many natural disasters may have been caused by the manipulation of the atmosphere? How many scientific disasters have been overlooked or ignored by governments in general? Have we forgotten about COVID-19 already? When did scientists and politicians get handed dictatorships over their countries?

Now, I am not saying that Chemtrails are exactly what the supposed “conspiracies” claim, but I am saying that they aren’t fake and shouldn’t be dismissed. It seems like there’s a lot of evidence backing up the claim that at the very minimum, something more than a little strange is happening in our skies and in skies around the world.

And mysterious trails in the sky aren’t the only strange occurrence, something fishy is happening in our water as well! We all know the importance of water and it being a key element in sustaining life on this planet. With that being said, clean water should be a fundamental human right yet the EPA pollutes the rivers and waterways, turning some orange while claiming to fight pollution. If you don’t believe me, just think of Flynt Michigan. 9,252 chemicals including Arsenic, Copper, and Lead were and are STILL found in their undrinkable drinking water. Fluoride is also in the water, which some claim causes great cancer risks. And if that doesn’t bother you, remember that many prescription drugs are flushed down the toilet all the time, eventually making their way back into our drinking supply.

What happened to our great country? What happened to the world? America used to be the "breadbasket of the world." Now, almost everything we eat is genetically modified or artificial in one way or another and it’s more expensive to eat “organic.” For the longest time, our country didn't need GMOs and, in my opinion, we don't need them now either. Monsanto, a company now owned by the German company Bayer, is known for heavily meddling in such science. According to Forbes:

“The Company's seeds, biotechnology trait products, and herbicides provide farmers with solutions that improve productivity, reduce the costs of farming, and produce better foods for consumers and better feed for animals. It manages business in two segments: Seeds and Genomics, and Agricultural Productivity.”

I am hoping you will do your own research for more on Monsanto but in my opinion, it’s an evil, vile, and soulless corporate juggernaut looking to harm small-time farmers, not help them. For instance, did you know they can take your land if their genetically modified seeds start randomly growing on it?! I pray for the agricultural community in my home state of Texas.

I worry that “Corporate-Communists” and other ilk of their kind could weaponize artificial famine and food shortages through the legal control of the genetic makeup of our food! They could buy up all the land and supplies, and if you think this sounds crazy, then why did Bill Gates recently become the largest owner of Farmland in the US? Why is China buying hundreds of thousands of acres of our farmland? We asked what the Hell is happening in the sky, then we asked about the water, and now we have to worry about our food. Is nothing sacred anymore? They could put experimental vaccinations and chemicals in our food and we would never know it, an obvious violation of the Nuremberg code!

So how did we get here? Is it some kind of sick cult of personality? Is it propaganda or programming? Do the elites just think they know what’s best or is there actual malicious intent? What “Faucian” thought process would allow corporate and government scientists to lie and deceive the public, possibly causing mass death scenarios without ever having to answer for it? Hear the crickets yet? We are still living with one who claims to be the embodiment of science itself.

It's a repugnant attack on the very spiritual essence and physical being we are made up of as human beings to say that any government should have such sovereignty over an American citizen. This action must be met with public outrage and a unifying understanding of who we are as human beings and the freedom that exists endowed with certain unalienable rights from our creator, not our government! Whatever is happening in our skies, in our waterways, and in our crops, at the very least, we deserve the truth! It's like Reagan said, the scariest nine words in the English dictionary are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Never stop asking questions…

God bless America!

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