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What to do About Snakes on a Train?

By James Lane, host, American Reveille

Well not actual snakes, just people that are worse than snakes. This segment is called planes, trains, and automobiles and is focused on the degeneration of society viewed through the lens of crimes committed on transportation apparatus.

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Generated Transcript:

planes, trains, and automobiles. All right, wherever this woke ideology goes, wherever they go, wherever these democrats go, wherever the wokeness goes, the great reset the elites, wherever the Davos crowd goes around the world, even in places where crime doesn't usually happen very often, wherever they go, wherever they say they're going to make things better. Wherever whenever they say we're going to improve the quality of life for people, you need to run, run. Because wherever the woke ideology goes, wherever CRT goes, degeneration, crime, destruction, follow. All right. The general public's become a desensitized, to horrible things to criminal activity. Criminals are emboldened wake up. That is the point. That is the whole point of this segment. You need to wake up you need to wake people up they need to see that the way we're living now, whether it's due to technology, social media, Marxism, the big tech oligarchy, mainstream media, I wouldn't even call them that I'd call them corporate sponsored media, whatever it is, government, state run media, this point, whatever it is, that is happening, the combination of whichever way, left, right, up or down. It has desensitized, average everyday people. The world's going crazy. There's there's international pressure towards this degeneration, the only way to bring forth the great reset as the Davos, Davos excuse me elites like to say is by owning nothing and being happy and how do you own nothing and being and be happy you destroy everything or you take everything away from those who have and you give it to those who don't equity right you rob from the rich and give to the poor but unfortunately the greats reset Rob's from everybody except a select few elites. That's the plan right? Except the the select few the the owl effigy burning Davos crowd, the the billionaires out there, and I'm sure there's trillionaires out of the secret trillionaires the folks in the black suit jackets, smoking the cigarettes, running the show, running the world, they're profiting. This is how the elite stay elite forever, and the entire world becomes slaves. And it's all done through a NEO Marxist woke ideology. Alright. And CRT follows the same thing. But we'll get into that later. Because they don't necessarily mix as good with each other as people think. But it's spread. It's read through social media, I want you to think about this. Think about back in the day. Think about, think about when we didn't have phones, iPhones, social media, all this stuff, this stuff would have fizzled out, because by the time it got from California to New York, to Florida, to Texas, to Oklahoma to Japan, it would be 10 years. We used to have to wait for the newspaper. We used to watch the news once a day. That wasn't very long ago. So why wouldn't something turn out to be poison? Why couldn't something turn out to be society ending poison without us even realizing it? Because we're too busy staring at a box. This isn't just the United States of America. This isn't just England or Europe or Australia. This is the entire world. The entire world. It's almost as if it was planned. Hmm. I wonder. I wonder. We're seeing an absence of morality all over. We're seeing it happen in places we would have never expected. Disturbing, disturbing crimes. We've got one on a train. Look at Japan, Japan, right. You didn't expect me to say Japan. I love Japan. Alright, I've spent time in Japan. I I've done work in Japan. I've spent time in Acoustica. I've been to Tokyo. I land in Narita, you go on the train. You go all over and have a great time. Japan is a magical place if you've never been there if you've never been there, I recommend it but I don't necessarily recommend it now. I don't recommend taking the train in Japan when you've got a man on Halloween dressed as the Joker stabbing, stabbing 17 people on a Tokyo train he stabbed 17 people he stabbed you know read read read read read stabbed 17 people on a train and he's the worst stabber ever, because they're 17 alive. People thank God I'm not trying to to make a joke while I'm making a joke, but I'm, I'm not trying to discount the fact that they all got stabbed, being stabbed sucks that I don't wish being stabbed upon anybody, especially by a dumb individual dressed as the Joker. You know, on the train in Tokyo stabbing people, he injured 17 people on their way to Halloween parties in Shinjuku. I've been to Shinjuku. Shinjuku is an interesting, interesting area. This guy, he also set a small fire. He literally stabbed 17 people and said, That's how much they were not expecting anyone to stab anybody on a train in Japan, seven people. That's also, you know, a testament to how little stabbings happen. Because where's this guy going to get practice? Right? Where's he going to learn? There's no news stories. There's no other criminals out there stabbing people in trains all the time. There's no manual, how to successfully stab 17 people on the train and dressed as Joker. So he's trying to set a trend there. And he didn't do a very good job. Thankfully, he didn't do a very good job though. There is a man in his 60s There's a couple people two or three in serious condition, but they seem that they're going to be doing okay, it looks in here like they're going to be doing okay. It says that there's one crucial condition the man in his 60s he's in crucial condition. Alright, that's not good. I don't recommend stabbing anybody. And now I really don't recommend to being on a train in Tokyo. It says the suspect wore glasses and a green shirt. Otherwise he dressed in the Joker signature purple suit. A video posted to social media showed the man sitting alone in a train car, legs crossed smoking a cigarette. Don't be too surprised. Don't be too surprised that he was sitting there smoking a cigarette. You're allowed to smoke cigarettes on trains in Japan. You'd be surprised where you can smoke a cigarette in Japan. You'd be surprised where I've smoking cigarettes in Japan, though I did quit smoking three years ago. But strangely enough, I don't know if you get this. You got to tell me. I quit smoking three years ago. March 8. Alright, so March 8, what? 2019? Yeah. 2019. So over three years ago, I still get cigarette craving. How many of you still get cigarette cravings? Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into an ad. I don't have any sponsors on here right now. So I'm curious. I still get them. Sometimes they're super strong. Sometimes I just want to run outside and smoke a whole pack a camel crush, but I'm not going to do that. I made my wife promise. I told my wife that when our child was was was in her belly when she got pregnant, I would never smoke a cigarette again. And I've lived up to that promise. That's how I tricked myself. I don't break my promises. I'm a man of my word. So I made a promise to my wife. Then when I made a promise to my wife, I was able to keep that promise because I knew the consequences of smoking a cigarette were much worse than the benefit of smoking a cigarette and any young guys listening to this advice, I would suggest that you take that advice. Take that advice, my friend, it fits right into the category of happy wife. Happy life. You definitely definitely need to keep the woman's happy. But this is crazy. This is crazy. What's happening. Japan, of all places, Japan, of all places. I just told you, you need to keep the women happy. But But keeping the women happiest. One thing? What if you can't protect them? All right, what if you can't protect them? You would think that one of the safest places you could be would be on a plane or a train or in a car or on a bus. There's people right? There's people everywhere. There's people so they should do something. This nothing will happen in broad daylight. It's not like a suspect would sit on a bus in New York City and expose themselves to a little nine year old girl or a 2829 30 year old woman. He wouldn't pleasure himself in the run off the bus without anybody doing anything. That wouldn't happen at all. That would almost be like like Cuomo used to run the place and de Blasio was there like they defunded the police in New York is turning into a trash infested hell written cesspool that couldn't happen at all couldn't Oh, where'd this come from? Police suspect exposes himself to nine year old girl on New York City bus. Yeah, you come on. You know you saw that one coming. A man. A man. I wouldn't call him a man. I'd call him a POS I would call him a dead man. If he did that to my kid, a man allegedly exposed himself allegedly to a little girl and a woman on a bus in the Bronx on Friday. I'm a dad. Oh my I did feeling in my stomach when I think of somebody doing this to my little girls turns my stomach it makes me physically ill I feel my blood boiling. I feel rage boiling up into my face and I want to take that person and like Game of Thrones stick my thumb's and pop, pop their skull. And that's what all of these parents are feeling across the country. No, that would have been a good segue. That's not the segue. We're still on planes, trains, and automobiles, but I'm legitimately angry. I'm angry. What is wrong with people? What's wrong with people, this guy boarded the bus 5:05pm She saw this nine year old girl this 28 year old woman, he pulled out his anchor, he touched himself in a sexual manner and then haha, fled off the bus left I imagined him leaping off like a fairy. You know, I bet you if while he was leaping off the bus, a car coming by just you clipped them and just took his head off. I bet you when he fell down, or or kind of bump up, up, up, up above tumbled down or whatever it is, whatever however you fall whatever sound effects at merits after a bus takes or after a car takes your head off trying to get off a bus. I bet you if somebody grabbed his wallet, they would find a card inside and it would be a card saying that this person was a member to probably Antifa are BLM or some or some form or facet of the alphabet mafia. This person would be a member of because all of those groups, those groups support pedophiles, those groups promote giving rights to pedophiles. So I wouldn't be surprised if this pedophile this disgusting creep. If he was a member of one of those groups, New Yorkers agree they say liberals are killing the city. But you know something. They've been killing the city for a very long time having thing this isn't new. They defund the police and then create a 20,000 foot BLM mural on one of the roads there. This is the city that that terrorists attacked. This is the city that we all collectively supported during 911. But now, the Taliban are good. And the parents are the terrorists. It's crazy. It's absolutely crazy. All right, crimes rare in Japan. We talked about that. Crime isn't so rare in New York, but it's getting worse and worse. But there's only one place on the list right now. One place. That's even more disgusting than New York. Oh, Ben Franklin. I believe Ben Franklin. From there. He wouldn't be happy though. I could be wrong. I could be wrong. I think he's from Philly. Right is Ben from Philly. Anyway, let me know. Tell me down below in the comment section. But Ben Franklin, if he was from Philly, if he is from Philly, look, I studied a lot of history. There's a ton floating around up in this noggin so things get mixed up. I'm probably right. I'm usually not wrong. But I'm second guessing myself. So I'm going to let you let me know. All right. Philly, is hell. Let me repeat, Philadelphia. is hell. Alright, Philadelphia? I'm gonna say it again. Philadelphia. There are demons demons loaded among five brims, brimstone. Hell on Earth, Philadelphia. All right. Listen, and I'm sure you've heard the story. A man was charged with raping a woman on a train outside Philadelphia. As fellow passengers watched. They held up their phones and didn't this makes me so mad. It makes me so mad. That I have to whisper I'm irate. I'm Joe. But I'm going to hold my hands like this to my side. Like like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. I'm gonna hold my hands up here like the great Cornholio I'm gonna say, I'm so mad. I have to whisper like, Joe Biden. I'm really pissed. I'm in all seriousness, in all seriousness, people did nothing. All right, when you hear when you hear you look, you're probably thinking, Oh, this guy jumped on. This was a one minute thing. People were shocked. And then when they all noticed he ran off the bus. No, no, I'm sorry. Two dozen train stops ladies and gentlemen. Two dozen trains train stops 27 stops later, this man was apprehended by transit police and only reported by A transit officer that noticed or saw dozens of stops into this. Nobody did a thing. Nobody did a thing. This guy I can't even what how do you even say his last name? It's spelled NGO why? I'm gonna I'm gonna go with the Vietnamese rule in St. Croix. All right, but I don't I don't think I've seen his picture. I don't think he's a annoy, but his name is Fiskerton noi, he's 35. He's 35, the groper from the from the bus, the guy that was touching himself and showing his his little wheat to little kids to a nine year old girl. Gosh, that makes me sick. That guy was between 35 and 42. These are all people from my generation. So what has happened? What are they a product of what have they been teaching people? Where is this going? Where does it start? Where does it begin? This man should have been beaten to death on the train by bystanders. Every single person on that train should be prosecuted. Every single person on that train should go to jail. But they won't. Because Philly law by standards don't have to do a thing. And if they do a thing, they're not liable. They did nothing. They're not liable for nothing. Nobody's going to jail. Nobody's getting in trouble. They're all innocent. They can all go watch that. That film later, they can all upload it to some video site, nothing's going to happen to them. And this poor woman who was raped for 27 Bus stars 27 train stops excuse me in Philadelphia has to live through this hell for ever. And God forbid she speaks up against immigration or or against rapists or against the alphabet mafia against anybody. Her rape will be discounted, she will be shamed and she will be thrown in the garbage. These people are hypocrites. These people are desensitized, and they've been desensitized by technology, by social media, by cell phones and by the wicked, evil Socialist Democrat party. I mean, what's wrong with people? What is wrong with people? I mean, ask you a question. Tell me Tell me right now look at me in the eye. Listen to me hear these words. If you were on a train you my friend, and you saw this guy, grab this woman on the train and start raping her. Would you sit there and do nothing even worse? Would you pull your phone out and film it? Or would you have the courage? Would you stand up tall and be an American do the right thing and put your boat across his face? That is what should have happened. That is what didn't happen when people no longer care about other people. The devil wins. Plain and simple the devil wins. Plain and simple. We need to find out where this starts. We need to find out how to fix it. Maybe it starts in the schools

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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