• Kinsley Kurtz

Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count and Why It Should!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

The 2020 Presidential elections were an absolute debacle—a breakdown of everything honest and integrity-driven in this world. Republicans went to bed the evening of November 3, fairly confident that they were going to see another four years of attempted sanity emanating from the White House, and we watched in horror as next morning’s results yielded a very different outcome.

What the $^*%&^(* happened?

With the drastic turnaround of key states that were not only leaning, but falling into Donald Trump’s hands, many critical-thinking citizens were left wondering what happened. In the short space of an hour, it seemed that thousands upon thousands of votes came in and were counted for Joe Biden, and although the numbers did not logically add up, Democrats smugly smiled and “celebrated” their unlikely victory. The craziest thing about these dastardly deeds is that the American “sheeple” did not question this drastic turnaround, but looked toward their fearless new leader as a sign that times were indeed changing.

Media madness

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the 2020 election was the fact that no one questioned the media’s coverage of election events. Individuals and small groups of people now considered to be “radicals” brought concerns to light about the integrity of election results, but the vast majority of Americans stayed tucked safely inside their homes, masks firmly secured, glued to “boob tubes,” and marveled at the state of a “new democracy” that was destined to be established.

They were laughing themselves right into bondage.

Media family moguls have such tight control and censorship over our news sources---all branches---that it takes a very persistent and stubborn search to find anything other than the standard fare. With the vested interests of four “influential” families and their attempts at world domination, it’s no wonder that our freedoms of speech and access to information have been locked down.

Thank heaven for social media.

With the advent of social media, whistleblowers, eyewitnesses, and fearless patriots took to the streets, showing first-hand accounts of what they considered to be fraudulent, suspicious activity tied to November 3’s election results. Here’s a snapshot of what these pioneers have uncovered:

  1. Chain of custody discrepancies. Thanks to the catastrophe that was the COVID-19 lockdown, absentee voting was more prevalent than ever. The distribution and gathering of such ballots were highly suspect; some say that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was in on the funding to deliver “additional” ballots across the nation to support Biden’s stolen presidency. This additional ballot dropping combined with unconstitutional drop boxes being placed in various states only added to the disastrous, fraud-ripe conditions.

  2. Large numbers of “illegally delivered” electronic ballots showing up in the wee hours of November 4. As previously stated, most Republicans went to bed the evening of the 3rd almost certain that we would see another four years of red. Not so; in the middle of the night, massive ballot counts for Joe Biden occurred in several key states that gave him a clear lead. These e-ballots were never reviewed, never vetted. Strangely enough, all subsequent ballot counts after that critical point in time showed up consistently blue.

  3. Eyewitness accounts of “ballot pallets” being dropped off at polling locations; many of these interactions were caught on camera. A large body of evidence is beginning to be uncovered with regard to unregulated pallets being delivered at polling locations in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and the like. A Detroit polling location recently--and very reluctantly---handed over security camera footage from that fateful night, and lo and behold, fraudulent activity was exposed. Despite the damning evidence, “liberal” media sources continue to state that these incidents never occurred, and they manage to distract the American public with more sensational news stories.

  4. Democrats played the “old switcheroo.” The numerous identified glitches where ballots were switched from Trump to Biden have yet to be explained. A large number of these glitches occurred around the use of Dominion voting machines and ongoing investigations continue to develop as we discover that vested interests in this election overseas--hello China--may have manipulated the election in Biden’s favor.

  5. GOP observers not allowed in polling places. This is perhaps the most alarming aspect of the whole election process; in a country that was intended to be built around checks and balances so manipulation of power could never again be achieved, we have failed. We have failed miserably. As news of Biden’s “win” spread, Republican poll workers were denied access to the very ballots that they had worked so hard to protect, and as the election became convoluted by force, it was considered “fraudulent and illegitimate.”

So here we are……..The world is watching Georgia and Arizona for the real results

Georgia and Arizona are two states who remain brave enough to call into question and accountability those who were responsible for delivering a “fair and honest” election process. After a bleak six months under the socialist regime of the Democrats, Arizona Republicans are pushing for an audit of election results in Maricopa county. Why is this making national and worldwide headlines? While Arizona lawmakers acknowledge that it may do nothing to overturn the official election results of November 3, 2020, they do hope that it will significantly impact the election process going forward for those of us still wishing to retain our constitutional rights and privileges. Let’s take a peek into the process and see what it means for us going forward:

Who started the audit?

Biden’s “win” by a narrow margin of under 10,000 votes, combined with the historic statistic of Trump’s win in that state in 2016 was enough to sound the alarm. Maricopa County election officials conducted a hand count audit of ballots as required by law. They then hired independent law firms to conduct a forensic assessment of tabulation equipment. Republicans staunchly stated that the only way to bring integrity back into the election process was to expose any wrongdoing and seek to take steps to correct fraudulent activity and faulty equipment.

What’s the result thus far?

Plenty of rules exist around the conduct that media, judges, election officials, and law enforcement must abide by in order to remain a part of the process. The American public waits with bated breath to see the outcome of the audit in reports set to be released by Maricopa county judges that are hundreds of pages long and likely packed with at least a few scandalous situations. How will this impact future elections? How do Americans feel about going to the polls? What is the purpose of casting a singular vote if Deep State Democrats have conspired to pull strings behind the scenes? Let’s weigh in on what election officials and law enforcement officials have to say about our “right to vote” going forward:

  • Chris DeRose, a Republican election law attorney, fears that there’s been a deep distrust placed between party members and that we have lost sight of the real reason for our checks and balances system originally intended to serve the American public in the highest way possible.

  • Trey Grayson, former Kentucky secretary of state, states that any audit is a “disservice to democracy.”

If the numbers continue to come up inconsistently, Americans may conclude that their votes do not, in fact, make a difference, and a pervasive feeling of anger and apathy will cause many to voluntarily give up their voting rights, further exacerbating the opportunity for totalitarian control by the radical left.

What purpose does this serve?

Perhaps a nationwide audit is in order here. Perhaps even an examination of the balance of power that has swung so far to one side. It may take drastic measures to right our American ship once more. If we choose to rescind our rights to fair and honest elections, then we deserve every restriction placed upon us by power-hungry politicians who are no longer working in our best interests. On the other hand, if we continually and consistently call for action and integrity in the way our representatives are chosen, we will see the changes we wish to see in this country.

“People shouldn’t fear their governments; governments should fear their people.” -Alan Moore

The average American congressperson is outnumbered by Americans 30,000 to 1; with these odds in our favor, why are so many of us stay silent? Is it the masks? The vaccines? The fear of reproach if we do speak up? Creating and preserving our freedoms is essential at this time. It starts with choosing those we TRUST to represent us in shaping this great nation with integrity and passion of purpose.

Don’t give up on the electoral process yet; work to effect change in your little corner of the world, and connect with other courageous individuals who want to see our country thrive once more.

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