• Danelle Siegel

Woman's rights?

By Danelle Siegel, contributor

As I scroll through social media lately, I have seen a lot about woman's rights since Roe v. Wade was overturned. There was one post in particular that really hit home and hit hard. There was a post from a political candidate who decided to pick two hot topics to run on. The first one was about "woman's rights" and the second goes on and on about abortion rights. Since when is woman's rights defined by abortions?

When I was in college, I had a relationship with this guy that I really thought I loved. I knew he had a girlfriend but I was convinced he loved me more of course. After a few months of sneaking around I found out I was pregnant. I was excited yet scared to let him know. The day I wanted to go to his house to share the great news, he canceled our usual meet up. I was hurt but figured we will talk another day.

A few days later he confided in me that his girlfriend informed him that she missed her period and she thought she might be pregnant. He continued to tell me that she told him this right after he tried to end things with her. I had my suspicions that she was faking it but who was I to say anything?! All I knew at that point was I had a decision to make. My mom had me when she was unmarried, 18, no degree/career and struggled a lot. I was scared.

I had a friend working at planned parenthood so I went to her for advice. Everyone there was so nice! I was informed about multiple abortion options including a pill I could take. I opted for the abortion pill and it worked. However, I was not prepared for three days of so much pain and heavy bleeding. I was also not prepared for the long-term emotional and physical reproductions. I was also not prepared to find out that his girlfriend had faked her pregnancy scare by skipping her placebo week of her birth control and only came clean after he proposed and I killed our baby.

Fast forward a few years...I got married to an amazing man who understood everything I had been through. We had trouble conceiving and the doctor informed me that it was a common effect after taking the abortion pill. She also let us know about our options moving forward. This was the first time I had heard about adoption in a beautiful light. Old emotions started flooding back but this time mixed with new anger. Why wasn't I warned about the side effects of an abortion? Why wasn't I guided on how I could carry my baby for a family that would love him/her like their own? Why wasn't I informed properly?

No one takes the time to explain to a young lady the emotional and physical consequences of abortion. Also, no one takes the time to research the actual laws. After this ordeal, I did and what I found out is shocking!

According to a brand new study by Charlotte Lozier Institute 2019, about 67% of women are victims of "maternal suicide" in Italy. Women/ girls having abortions are not prepared for the emotions that come after. The other thing I found out was that abortion is not illegal and is simply a medical decision made between a woman and her doctor. This means Roe v. Wade never actually mattered. Politicians are using innocent girls as pawns for their "cause".

It's time to educate girls properly so they can make educated decisions instead of empowering them to make impulsive ones.

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