• Danelle Siegel

Words Matter

By Danelle Siegel, contributor

Someone once told me to treat people how you want them to act towards you and that words really do matter. For example, if you want someone to act sweet, call them honey, or if you want someone to be kind, call them sweety and so on.

This got me thinking. The brain is so powerful!

If this power works for good, it must work for evil also. Which got me thinking about society on a whole. There are groups of people who want to keep others down. In order to accomplish this they convince them that others need their help or they will amount to nothing. For example, if Bob wants Sally to stay under his control he could either be outright evil and controlling or he can slowly convince Sally she is nothing without him and that others are the bad guys (especially when those others speak truths about Bob which would hurt his chances of controlling Sally). On a larger scale, if one group of people consider themselves elite (let's call them group A) and wants to control another group (let's call them group B), group A could either be controlling and mean and lose the interest of group B immediately, or they could slowly convince group B that they are nothing without group A and that others are out to get them. Group B doesn't realize that group A is slowly convincing them that everyone else is out to get them when in reality, group A has evil intent.

Now it should be clearer what is going on in the world right now. Everyone is capable of anything they set their mind to! The only limits are the limits we set on ourselves!

No more excuses!

Stop saying things like...

"I'm an addict" instead say "I'm recovered"

"I couldn't help myself" instead say "I'm stronger than my urges"

"My generation will never be able to buy a house" instead say "I will work hard to achieve my dreams/ goals"

"I grew up in xyz it's not my fault" instead say "I will do whatever it takes to break the cycle"

"It's all my parents fault" instead say "I'm my own person and I am the author of my story"

Stop letting other voices be the voice in your head. Is it hard? Damn straight! What's the alternative? Is it easy to be the victim or is it a miserable life? Take back control!



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