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You Won't Believe How Much Money Big Pharma Makes Every Second!

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

Do you know how much money Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna make every second? You'll be shocked what you find when you follow the money.



Audio Only - Episode 183: Ep 183 | Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!


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Generated Transcript:

Alright, the money that's being moved around, so I found this little press release here. Alright, I found this press release that's telling us just how much money is moving around. And it's truly enlightening. It's truly enlightening. I mean, if you really thought if you really thought for a second, the government or big tech or Big Pharma gave one shit about you, you throw it all out the fucking window after I read you this. Alright, Pfizer, bio and tech and Maderna are making $1,000 in profit every fucking second every second while the world's poorest countries remain largely on vaccinated fuck me. Let's read this folks. demand grows for firms to share vaccine recipes and technology as billionaire former bosses convene for Big Pharma Davos That's New World Order ship right there. The great reset right in your face population control, all with a virus all with a vaccine all to line the pockets of the world's wealthiest ladies and gentlemen, let's read new figures from the People's vaccine Alliance reveal that the company's behind the two behind two of the most successful COVID-19 vaccines Pfizer, bio and tech and Maderna are making combined profits of $65,000 every minute, every minute. Most people don't even make that a year. The figures based on the latest company reports are released as CEOs from pharmaceutical industry meet for the annual stats summit, the equivalent of a big pharma Davos from the 16th to 18th of November. This article came out 2021 Back in November, and this is what they were making then you can only imagine what they're making now. These companies have sold the majority of doses to rich countries now leaving low income countries out in the cold. Pfizer and bio and tech have delivered less than 1% of their total vaccine supplies to low income countries while Maderna has delivered just 0.2%. Meanwhile, 98% of people in low income countries have not been fully vaccinated. Mei is the CEO of the African Alliance and people's vaccine Alliance, Africa said it's obscene that just a few companies are making millions of dollars in profit every single hour while just 2% of people in low income countries have been fully vaccinated against Coronavirus, Pfizer bio and tech and Maderna have used their monopolies to prioritize the most profitable contracts with the richest governments leaving low income countries out in the cold. Despite receiving public funding of over $8 billion. The three corporations have refused calls to urgently transfer vaccine technology and know how with capable producers in low and middle income countries via the World Health Organization, a move that could increase global supply drive down prices and save millions of lives. In modernise case This is despite explicit pressure from the White House and requests from the WHO that the company collaborate in and help accelerate its plan to replicate the Maderna vaccine for wider production as its mRNA hub in South Africa. Well, what the fuck did you think was going to happen when you empowered Big Pharma to do something to this extent? Well, Albert Borla the CEO of Pfizer described the call to share vaccine Reppert recipes dangerous nonsense. The World Health Organization emergency use approval of the Indian vaccine co vaccin. Earlier this month is clear evidence that developing countries have the capacity and have the expertise and a Marriott Oxfam's health policy manager said contrary to what Pfizer CEO says the real nonsense is claiming the experience and expertise to develop and manufacture life saving medicines and vaccines does not exist in developing countries. This is just a false excuse that pharmaceutical companies are hiding behind to protect their astronomical products or sorry profits, which I actually tend to agree with. All right. These companies are saying that these smaller companies are not trustworthy. They're not capable, but some of them are obviously capable. And why would they give some market share to some little bullshit no name company in India when the big wigs could align their pockets a big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Maderna, Biogen tech and more. All right, that is more likely and as you see this podcast progressed and as we look through some of the articles you'll see more and more who made the most moolah. All right, folks. It's a complete failure of government to allow these companies to maintain monopoly control and artificially constrained supply in the midst of a pandemic, or so many people in the world are yet to be vaccinated. Now, personally, capitalism's capitalism, it's not my place to tell a company what to do. Based on company financial statements, the Alliance estimates that Pfizer, biotech and Maderna will make pre tax profits of 34 billion this year, between them, which works out to over $1,000 a second $65,000 a minute, $93.5 million a day, a day. The monopolies these companies hold have produced five new billionaires during the pandemic with a combined net wealth of 35 point 1 billion, haven't you guys noticed that the billionaire number seems to be going up and the richest people in the world seem to have doubled, tripled, quadrupled their money during all this nonsense. Now. I'm not one for controlling things. I am a capitalist through and through, all right. But at the end of the day, we need to research whether some of these companies have too much power, whether illegal activities are going on. I mean, freedom is freedom. And right is right and wrong is wrong. But we have to know what direction things are going. All right, we don't have a right to dig into the pockets of billionaires. But at the same time, I want to make sure that Big Pharma is doing things the right way. And if you're listening to this show, and you're on the same page as I am, we both know for a fact that Big Pharma is not on the up and up and is not doing things the right way. Capitalism doesn't need to be fixed by being destroyed. But it does need to be fixed because capitalism in a lot of places is not working the way it's supposed to in the United States. All right, the People's vaccine Alliance, which has 80 members, including the African Alliance, global justice now, Oxfam UNAIDS, is calling for the pharmaceutical corporations to immediately suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, test treatments and other medical tools by agreeing to the proposed waiver of the TRIPS agreement at the World Trade Organization. And they're calling on governments including the United States to use their legal and policy tools to demand the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies share COVID-19 data, know how and technology with the WH OHS COVID-19 Technology Access pool, and South Africa and mine mRNA technology transfer hub. Now here's my problem, folks. The WHO IS WHO is controlled by China is controlled by Asian ping his claws, his tentacles are all wrapped up in that ass. So tell me, tell me why should we share anything with the World Health Organization, when all that's going to do is benefit China when all that's going to do is allow China to steal more technology from us. We know that China is our rival we know what they're trying to do. So why is it that we keep trying to empower them? The only thing that makes sense to me is that the elite folks running these pharmaceutical companies and running all of these health organizations within the government are in bed with China all the way up including the President of the United States puppet Joe Biden, look at his son, fucking Chinese hookers, being involved in Chinese deals getting money from China, Joe Biden himself, the brother, the whole family having Chinese investments. Fauci is Chinese investments. They're all wrapped up in the Chinese Communist government, including big tech. It's one large conspiracy so when they're all trying to say that they want to help you. Remember look on the screen there Soylent Green took place in 2022 Just a heads up, it's people it's always been people.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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