• James Lane


By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

In an election that ran late into the night, Glenn Youngkin, a Trumpian Republican newcomer from the business world, won the Governorship of the commonwealth of Virginia. Winning by a three-point lead, Youngkin brings Trump policy in an easy-to-swallow red pill, proving that a balance can be found between policy and personality. McAuliffe, just short of conceding, shamefully crawled back into the swamp, without doing so.

Recognizing the melting pot that is Virginia, Governor-elect Youngkin taught a masterclass in political strategy coupled with genuine empathy. Seeing the plight of parents in Loudoun County and the horrifying push from his opponent to purge parents from academic decision making, Youngkin decreed he would ban Critical Race Theory from the state of Virginia on day one! On top of that, Trump quietly endorsed him and held a virtual rally, energizing the MAGA movement yet keeping balance with delicate purple Virginians. This drove extraordinary amounts of people to the ballot box, even flipping some traditionally blue counties.

Make no mistake, this is a big deal. Parents and patriots have finally stood up and cried out into the night that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Now, all eyes turn to New Jersey as shockingly, Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli is holding his ground and scrapping with incumbent Governor Phil Murphy. This is an absolutely historic slugfest in what was expected to be an easy Democrat victory has become a hard-fought struggle for dominance. One thing is for certain, Democrats across America can now see the red tidal wave made of parents and patriots coming, and they are absolutely terrified!

Be patient, accountability is slow, but accountability is coming.

Watch Virginia Governor-Elect Youngkin's victory speech below:

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