• Kinsley Kurtz

I’m An Educator and YOUR KIDS are Being Indoctrinated!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Contributor

Did you get that?

The “Great American” educational system is rife with a radical leftist agenda to push ideas that are anything but American. Before you get too critical of the information that is to follow, let me tell you this---I work in the system. I am an educator who has had enough of what our children are presented with AND I am a concerned and passionate parent who wants something more for my kids.

I have worked with kids from preschool all the way through high school and even preparatory courses. The alarming coverup and censorship of social issues that are taking place will, if not changed, be the demise of this country.

Propaganda: The New Agenda

Textbooks, literature, and writings rich with history and culture are now being thrown out in favor of a more progressive movement---the integration of curriculum. It is quite simple to justify removing large chunks of material that might normally be covered in favor of a unit that involves core concepts of math, literacy, science, and art through the integration of curriculum. The push for integration might seem like a valid and innovative thought, yet one of the motivations behind it is to remove pieces of curriculum that no longer serve to condition our children toward a certain line of thinking.

“Wrongthink”---The New Educational Shame

In a recent history lesson, my child was being asked to study people that had made a historical impact on the world around them. She was brainstorming and asking me for ideas, so I asked her to begin thinking about the topic. She eagerly grabbed a pen and paper and started to make a list.

As I walked up behind her, I saw that she had written names such as Shakespeare, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and Michael Jackson. Innocently, I asked, “What about Winston Churchill?”

“Oh no! Not him, he’s evil!” she exclaimed with such an impassioned response that I was taken aback. Clearly, her prepubescent mind did not have enough information to come up with an idea like that on her own; she had been given that opinion, being told at some point that to think otherwise was “wrong.”

“Wrongthink” is the process of shaming children who have questions, those who evaluate the system in which they are brought up, those innovative ideas that make the rest of us uncomfortable as we wonder if we will face repercussions for not falling in line like the rest of the sheep. Quite frequently, the kids viewed as “troublemakers” simply question the system in which they were placed and why they have to endure such trivial matters.

Yet another alarming example

Never in my over twenty years as an educator has the political climate of a classroom been so highly charged and volatile; we are encouraging rifts between not only students who differ in their opinions about social injustices, we are teaching those who do not agree with our “curriculum” that they must be re-educated, or given opportunities to develop a more compassionate and educated response to an unfamiliar opinion. Hatfields and Macoys, Christians and Catholics, White and Black, Democrat and Republican; since when is the teaching of identification, segregation, and division work toward a more unified future for our children?

How much do you know about your child’s education?

If you assume that your children are being taught what they need for a successful future, you need to re-evaluate your level of commitment to your child’s education. Before you know it, you’ll be battling opinions that have already been formed, looking at assignments that have all been completed, and there will be precious little time to address character attributes and conditioning that you fundamentally disagree with as you strive to send a successful, compassionate, open-minded, competent adult out into this world.

My advice?

As an educator, question your curriculum. Do some self-examination and see if you can really get behind the concepts you are being asked to assess. Realize the impact you have on the future of society in general.

As a parent, question your child. Get involved in the selection and delivery of educational materials. Speak up when you disagree and strive to hear their thoughts and opinions as you fight for what you believe to be right. You get one shot at this parenting thing; let’s do it right.

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